Сочинение по теме: How to become a good English learner

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There are some means to become a good language learner.

Firstly, the good language learner is realistic. I think that he will never learn English just by sitting in the classroom. He will watch films in the original, probably with subtitles, read books in English, talk to foreingners if he has a chance and so on.

Secondly, the good english learner is willing to experiment and taking risks. For example, he will try out different ways of learning vocabulary until he finds the way that suits him most of all.

Thirdly, the good language learner is independent. In my opinion, he tries to find out what works for him and what doesn’t. If he doesn’t understand the purpose of a particular exercise he asks the teacher.

At last, the good language learner is organised and active. I think he is always looking for opportunities to develop his language both inside and outside the classroom. And, of course, he keeps his notes in a tidy way.

I hope that these means will help pupils to learn English.

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