Подготовка к разделу Грамматика и лексика в ЕГЭ и ГИА по английскому языку. Часть 2

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Начало статьи — Подготовка к разделу Грамматика и лексика в ЕГЭ и ГИА по английскому языку

Еще несколько примеров заданий, которые можно встретить в ЕГЭ (имеется ввиду, конечно, уровень сложности) 

Вместо скобок в тексте расставьте по смыслу следующие слова в необходимой грамматической форме (время, число, степень сравнения и т.п.). Слова расставлять в той последовательности, какая представлена в задании.



If you do not enjoy cold winds in winter, a sauna may look like a perfect way out. The word comes from Finnish. It means a room where water (B 4) on the hot rocks to produce steam.

The high temperature makes (B 5) blood circulation increase towards the skin. The heart begins to beat (B 6) and the blood pressure can either rise or fall dramatically. Your (B 7) visit to a sauna can be a surprise for you. However, numerous researches recently (B 8) to the conclusion that sauna is safe and useful for people, especially
(B 9) who need relaxation more often. A sauna can also help you cleanse the body and get rid of harmful toxins.
Many new technologies (B 10) now to build saunas for different specific purposes. Maybe it will be widely used in the future medicine.

Ключи: B 4 — is splashed B 5 — your B 6 — faster B 7 — first B 8 — have come B 9 — women B 10 — are being developed

Еще один пример:

Gift baskets


Gift baskets are a wonderful surprise for any occasion. In many countries they (B 4) mainly with Christmas, Easter or housewarming. There are (B 5) types of gift baskets than you can imagine. For (B 6) an ideal variant will be a chocolate gift basket. Gourmet gift basket is an easy way to gift for (B 7) family and friends. Sports gift baskets will make (B 8) happy.

One more advantage of gift baskets is that you can make it very affordable by (B 8) it yourself. If one (B10) spending time for picking and choosing, a gift basket is perfect choice!

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